16. November 2020



A functioning internal communication is one of the guarantees for the productivity of employees. In the past, informal communication was often underestimated. Today, companies are aware of its importance and invest in office concepts that support the exchange between employees. However, these companies often come up against structural limitations in their rental space. Not so in the ONE – here straight the aspect of the ONE GOOD COMMUNICATION was considered by a multiplicity of measures. One of these is the option of connecting office floors in a simple way via stairs. Why is this something special?

In classic high-rise buildings, office floors can only be directly connected with each other with a high degree of economic and time expenditure – if the breakthroughs were not already planned in the shell construction. In addition, the concrete core drillings required for this cause considerable noise, which can be heard throughout the building.


In ONE, on the other hand, such potential breakthroughs have already been taken into account at several points in the concept. From a simple connecting staircase to a representative gallery, a variety of tenant wishes can be realized in a relatively simple way. Especially larger tenants are given the possibility to furnish an attractive skylobby.




The structural solution is as simple as it is ingenious


Even now, during the construction of the shell, recesses measuring approximately 9.60 x 5.20 meters are being kept free on some floors of the ONE. These are then closed by cantilevered prefabricated concrete elements. If a tenant now wishes a breakthrough, this can easily be realized by removing the elements.


Worthwhile investment in increasing productivity


CA Immo supports tenants in finding the best possible individual solution. In order to be able to implement the process as quickly as possible at a later date, CA Immo is already having various staircase solutions developed and statically tested, ranging from highly efficient to generously representative. However, the following applies to all solutions: Staircase connections also create places for chance encounters and informal communication. And this increases the flow of information and the transfer of knowledge, thus making an important contribution to increased productivity. A worthwhile investment.